Verifiable Credentials for a new business level of security, digitization and automation

Analog claims or digital ones without a digital signature will slow down your processes and are open for failures and fraud.

Our TrustCreator will give you an easy to use tool that can issue verifiable credentials with a few clicks. or via API.

Sustainable security

Technology does not always have to stand for a high environmental impact. Especially in this day and age, climate neutrality and CO2 reductions are of great importance. TrustCerts offers you sustainable processes for your digitization.

Trust as a Service

Your credentials should get the best security level without compromising the user experience. We use only the recommended security algorithms and rely on the current state of the art.


Our technology works completely autonomously and independently of your existing software. For this reason, our TrustCreator can be quickly and easily integrated into all kinds of systems, whether SAP solutions or self-developed individual software. We take care of your security, no matter which systems you use, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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